The Ultimate Guide to Leather Care

The Ultimate Guide to Leather Care – Leather products are synonymous with durability and quality, and proper leather care is a condition for prolonging their use. We are creating leather accessories with love and care until they arrive in your arms when it’s up to you to take care properly. 

What NOT to use when Cleaning Leather

It is important to know that some cleaning products can damage the leather surface. 

Avoid these products:

  • Cleaners that contain alcohol and abrasives
  • Wax
  • Furniture polish
  • Dish detergent and soap
  • Glass cleaner

Never scrub the leather or use excessive force in an attempt to clean the leather. This will only cause damage to the leather. Pour the product for leather care on cotton and clean, do not apply directly to the leather. This is the best way to avoid too much product remaining on the surface, which would make the leather sticky. 

Don’t machine wash or tumble dry leather.

Leather Care – Simple Rules for Everyday Care

Don’t forget that leather is skin and that it is normal to stretch. Avoid overfilling your handbag, purse, or wallet to maintain its original shape. Also, take the time to empty your Uniukiyo bag to avoid warping. Once empty, you can maintain its shape by gently filling it with plain, acid-free tissue paper.

Where do you store your leather goods? Keep them out of direct sunlight and avoid storage next to humid areas such as bathrooms, laundry, or kitchen. Same for a direct source of heat, which can cause the leather to dry and crack. Don’t iron leather!

It is a good idea to store bags and belts in a dust bag to prevent the accumulation of dust and the possibility of scratching.

How to Clean Leather Goods at Home Like Pro

If you regularly wear leather products, we suggest a light cleansing ritual once a week. Before cleaning, be sure to wipe away any dust with a soft cloth. Choose a cleaning solution suitable for leather. Always apply the solution to a clean white cotton cloth and wipe it onto the surface. It is recommended to be white because colored ones can transfer color onto the leather bag. Wipe the bag with another damp cloth to remove any residue. Allow the leather to air dry. Do not apply heat

Once your bag is clean, you can apply a protective spray to safeguard against further stains.

Suede and Nubuck can require specialized care due to the soft and fuzzy finish. That’s why you’ll find so many suede-specific products out there in the world! 

Water and oil can leave stains on this type of leather so we advise you to use dry cleaning.

Light oily or greasy stains can be removed if you put a little corn flour overnight, and gently remove and rub off the excess afterward. For tougher stains, you should use products intended for nubuck leather. 


Pink nubuck leather
Nubuck leather that UniUkiyo bag is made

Leather Care – Leather Conditioning

Leather conditioning is a routine care process that can restore moisture to your leather and strengthen it for the future. We recommend that you condition your leather pieces twice per year, about every six months. 

Leather conditioning is similar to the lotions we put on our skin. It hydrates leather, prevents cracking, and can give the leather a mild layer of protection against water damage or stains.

In this process, you should begin with cleaning as we describe in the previous paragraph. To make sure that the conditioner will not damage the leather, apply a little on an inconspicuous part and leave it for an hour. That spot will appear darker because of the conditioner, but if the color seems too dark to you, try another one. 

Apply a dime-sized amount of leather conditioner on microfiber cloth and rub in a circular motion. Cover the entire surface of the leather to ensure the even distribution of the conditioner. We are not recommending DIY leather care products such as coconut or olive oil because they can harm your item. After applying the conditioner, allow your leather to air-dry. Your leather is hydrated and refreshed now!

Don’t forget that leather durability depends on its quality too, so we suggest choosing premium quality leather items. 

By taking time to care for your leather, you will maintain the value and appearance of your most treasured pieces.