Stand out as one-of-a-kind

Bold. Extravagant. One of a kind.

A handmade bag/jacket is the perfect accessory to make you stand out and feel authentic on any occasion. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, a frequent traveler, or someone who likes to be different, this bag is the perfect choice for you.

It will add a finishing touch to your outfit and provide you with a comfortable experience. The premium leather material will give you a sense of quality, while the unique design will make you feel powerful.
So, if you want to feel confident and stylish, this handmade bag/jacket is a must-have item for you.

The UniUkiyo bag is uniquely designed to offer you multiple options to change its appearance to suit your style. Whether you choose a pre-designed UniUkiyo bag or customize one yourself, it will reflect your individuality and showcase your personal style in a creative way.

Stay out of the crowd with this unique handmade leather bag.

Why is Uniukiyo so Unique?

UniUkiyo bag – the first bag in the world that you can literally wear.

In a world full of copies, choose to be unique.

Your outfit says a lot about you. The first impression you make is often the most important.

You see things from a different perspective?
Great, you are at the right place.

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UniUkiyo Products

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They said about Uniukiyo Bags

We are delighted to introduce you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers who have chosen a unique piece from our Uniukiyo bag collection. Every customer has selected an authentic piece based on their personal style and outfit. We take pride in the fact that our customers trust us and are happy with their purchase.

  • This bag is so unique and stylish, our whole family love to wear it , especially our 6 year old son , since he was 2 years old. Great quality... read more

    Alexandra Perzhu Avatar Alexandra Perzhu

    Great quality, fits to every outfit from casual to more formal ! Makes everyday look very Unique! A lot of work and thought in one bag!

    Victoria Behrends Avatar Victoria Behrends
  • So I got this back quite a time ago and since than it is always with me. First think I need to say - the quality is AMAZING. The leather,... read more

    Yaryna Drobatyuk Avatar Yaryna Drobatyuk

    I absolutely love this brand! You can see how intentional the artist is in her work, she does an exceptional job in bringing practicality, uniqueness, and art together. The quality... read more

    Catherine Lane Avatar Catherine Lane
  • On all my travels, national and international, personal and professional, UniUkiyo bag is my the most important companion. It is a powerful statement. It adds value to every single occasion... read more

    Ivana Nesco Avatar Ivana Nesco

    This bag is absolutely fantastic! Unique design allows me to wear it in multiple different occasions. Size is just right. I cannot go unnoticed 🙂

    Jovana Lukić Popov Avatar Jovana Lukić Popov
  • Moja najomiljenija modna dizajnerka!

    Djordje Milosavljevic Avatar Djordje Milosavljevic

    Very good and quality leather bags and accessories

    Bojana Bezanovic Avatar Bojana Bezanovic
  • Marina designed and made a beautiful black and white outfit for me. It was elegant and beautifully designed. Moreover the quality and workmanship can’t be surpassed . She works to... read more

    Benie Doctolero Avatar Benie Doctolero

    I LOVE Marina’s designs. They are one of a kind pieces that combine contemporary and elegant lines with impeccable craftsmanship. I am very fortunate to own one of the dresses... read more

    Aleksandra Samardzic Avatar Aleksandra Samardzic
  • I LOOVE IT! I love Marina’s Unique style and her designs are very special as they are all handmade.. materials are natural and feel good on the skin. When ever... read more

    Mili Ristic Avatar Mili Ristic

    Marina is an excellent designer, full of new original ideas, very innovative, but at the same time practical. Her clothes are comfortable, make you feel special and still casually comfy... read more

    Denizko gancho Avatar Denizko gancho
  • Eye-catching and original yet highly wearable designs.

    AVB Avatar AVB

    Her designs are unique and personalized. Professional job, high quality with lots of love <3 Love <3

    Deniz Lucia (TangoVida) Avatar Deniz Lucia (TangoVida)
  • Marina is an incredibly gifted and one-of-a-kind designer, with a keen eye for detail and European sense of aesthetics. Even more importantly, she's an absolute sweetheart and always a joy... read more

    aleksandra denda Avatar aleksandra denda

    Марко Пешовић Avatar Марко Пешовић
  • Fascinating and inspiring, such a talented artist! Can't wait to see upcoming collection. Very unique style and wearable haute couture.

    Tijana A. Avatar Tijana A.

    Vladimir Dugalic Avatar Vladimir Dugalic
  • Dragana Zivojnovic Avatar Dragana Zivojnovic

    Bojan Gajic Avatar Bojan Gajic