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About Us

“As an artist who expresses herself in the field of fashion, I have a strong sense of obligation to put my work to use of good.”

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UniUkiyo is a fashion company founded in 2012 by Marina Micanovic. The brand’s signature product is the UniUkiyo bag, characterized with most important fashion elements: practical, comfortable, minimalism and uniqueness.

Marina’s creative process involves drawing inspiration from different people, places, and cultures. She has a unique approach to fashion design, which makes her stand out from other designers. UniUkiyo is a fashion brand that combines style with practicality, creating One-of-a-kind and functional bags that are perfect for everyday use.

Marina’s success in the fashion industry is truly remarkable. Her decision to establish her fashion line in New York, after so many fashion presentations around the Europe, including Paris Fashion week, NYFW, Serbia Fashion week, is a wise move since it’s considered one of the fashion capitals of the world. The key factor in her success is her ability to combine boldness and class in her designs.

UniUkiyo offer a unique and personalized access to designing and making this authentic accessories. Using premium quality leather, picked and checked personally by designer, indicates to quality of production and every single details. This way of having attention and craftsmanship can set UniUkiyo apart from other accessory brands and attract customers who appreciate handmade and unique products.

UniUkiyo team have a strong focus on creativity, quality and uniqueness! These are qualities that can appeal to customers who seek distinctive and memorable fashion items.