6 Things you need to know when buying a high quality leather bag

High-quality leather bag – If you are a person that likes to treat yourself with an exquisite piece of accessory and love leather bags, search no more. Here, you will get all the advises you need when buying leather bag. 

When you submerge in the market of purses, you have to be very careful when purchasing high quality leather bags. There are many traps and risks that you have to be aware of when you want to buy such as exquisite accessory as a leather bag is. 

This is why we bring you 7 pieces od advice you need to pay attention to when you want to purchase premium quality leather bag.


First of all you need to determine what is the purpose of your new leather bag. Do you need a little purse for basic things such, as cell phone and card holder, or you need a larger bag, the one that is ready to fit all the things you need (and even more)? The best is to pick a multipurpose bag – the one that you can proudly take with you both on an important dinner, but also when you go to the park, and that is a fashion detail for itself.

Quality of the workmanship

The leather bag must be produced with the highest quality. This is one of the most important thing because durability depends on the quality of the leather and the workmanship of the bag. Handmade bags that carry a high quality tradition or that guaranty only premium quality should be the ones you take into consideration when buying a leather bag. 

high quality leather bag

Quality of the leather and lining

Manufacturers often use low quality cheap leather in order to reduce costs and increase sale. In that process, they lose the quality of the bag. Usually, these kind of bags are season bags, but we shall never forget that there are high quality bags that are always fashionable. It is better to buy one beautiful, high quality leather bag, than many low-quality seasonal ones. The leather shouldn’t be too hard, but neither too soft. If the bag has a specific shape then the leather should be more rigid in order to keep the shape.

The lining should be made of  a thicker canvas. The most quality linings are also made of leather. That is what makes a bag last forever.

high quality leather bag

High Quality Leather Bag – Zipper

Zipper is also important component of the bag and affects it’s quality. It can be used for safety measures (closing and opening of the bag), but also as an ornament. The size of the zipper should be optimal size. If it is too large the teeth could hurt you. If the zipper is too small it could get stuck or irritate you. The zipper should be in the function of making the bag more practical. 

high quality leather bag


These days it is very popular among designers to put many pockets in a bag. On the first hand, this looks very practical – like you can have things in order. On the other hand, it just lets you fill your bag with things you need and don’t need, making it heavy and bulged. That is why, even a big bag, should have no more than 3 pockets. Enough to put your keys, phone, cardholder, or a small wallet. The big wallet shouldn’t be kept in a pocket. 

You should also pay attention on the material of the pocket. It should be made of harder material. The best is if it is also made of leather, just like the bag. 

High Quality Leather Bag – Strap

The strap of your leather bag should be in correlation with the size of your leather bag. Bigger bags should have wider and stronger straps with a reliable buckle.

A leather bag should also have a strap made from stronger, high-quality leather. If you craft the strap from soft leather, it may wear out quickly, break, and create a poor visual effect for both you and the bag. So make sure that the strap is strong and wide enough with the quality buckle.

So, before you purchase your new leather bag, ensure that you consider all these factors, and you will undoubtedly be satisfied.