Packing your UniUkiyo bag when flying first class

UniUkiyo bag can “host” all the things you need when flying first class, and yet remain luxurious and fabulous. Stay fabulous with your favorite personal items without having the “fat bag” syndrome. UniUkiyo bags are designed to provide you with maximum comfort, pleasure, and style. 

Passengers who strive for comfort, space, special ambiance, and luxury always reserve flying first class (or business class as some prefer to call it). It is reserved for those who like to treat themselves with such exclusivity. These are mostly short business or pleasure trips so the outfits and accessories on the plane are more lavish. Carryon bags are designer-made, exquisite, and of top quality.

When you are flying first class, and you check in your suitcase, here are 7 essentials you need to carry with you on the plane in your UniUkiyo bag.


You never go on a trip without your wallet. Unless you are the queen (literally). Big or small, whichever you prefer, nowadays you can even only carry a cardholder. You need a place for your ID card, money cards, driver’s license, passport, and all of the necessary documents that can fit into your wallet or a cardholder. But, there must always be a place for a lounge card. That one is a true life savior especially when you are on long-distance flights and are changing planes. There you can rest and get adequate refreshment without having to experience the inconvenience of crowded waiting places in front of gates. Also, if your plane has a delay, you can indulge in the comfortable and fantastic atmosphere of the lounge. So, don’t forget to put your lounge card in your UniUkiyo wallet or a cardholder.

UniUkiyo bag – Your valid passport and a boarding pass

When going to the check-in register or even online, you need your valid passport or ID card to be on hand. UniUkiyo bags have two large inside pockets that are ideal places to put these important things. If you lose one of them, you can only wave the plane goodbye. That is why our designer has found the perfect solution for this “problem” – two large pockets, safe, but easily accessible. No matter the way you carry your UniUkiyo bag, we make sure that your passport, ID card, and boarding pass are in the safest place. Now you can relax when you arrive at the passport or security control.

Cell phone

Today it is almost unimaginable to live without a cell phone, not to mention to travel without it. Most of our lives are on that device. So it is best to have it somewhere safe and sound. A large UniUkiyo wallet with a buckle is a great option for you. It is 3 in 1. You can fit your money, cards, passport, and your phone. That way you are sure you have everything with you in one place.


Whether you need them as a visual aid or just sunglasses to look amazing (and keep your eyes safe from those mean UV rays), glasses are always a must-have in your UniUkiyo bag when flying first class. Your glasses should be kept in their case which you can then put in the inner pocket of your UniUkiyo bag. We specially designed this pocket to enhance your travel experience and increase your enjoyment for fragile and valuable items.

UniUkiyo bag – Tablet or a laptop

UniUkiyo bag is designed to have multi-functionality. Therefore, you can easily fit your laptop or your tablet in it. If you need to work during your flight, or between them, your working tool is right there with you. The high-quality leather of the UniUkiyo bag will shelter your laptop from temperature changes or potential physical or weather damage.

A book or a Kindle

The readers among us know that the best way to pass time during a flight is to indulge in a good book. Nowadays kindle is taking over with its ability to have many books in one simple device. No matter whether you prefer: the good old-fashioned book, kindle, comic, or a magazine, there is enough place for it in your UniUkiyo bag. 

UniUkiyo bag – Mini personal kit

Even though in first class you can ask for a personal hygiene kit, some people prefer to have their personal make-up and hygiene kit with them. In case you need to freshen up, or need a make-up correction, you are always sure that you have your favorite toothpaste and perfume with you. Not to mention high-quality make-up and remover or a hairbrush. UniUkiyo bag is spacious enough for you to put all these personal essentials. 

UniUkiyo understands your need for a bag that can fit everything you need on your travel, but still remain unique and with style.