Top Fashion Trends in 2023

Year 2022 is almost over and now and now we’re all wondering what the top fashion trends in 2023 are. In the break between buying gifts, choosing the ideal outfit and makeup for New Year’s Eve, and maybe some winter weekend escape, we are starting to think about buying pieces that will be in trend in 2023. So, let’s see what fashion designers and experts have to tell us.

Fake Fur Coats

According to Vogue, you will need a faux fur coat next year. Black and white faux fur coats are part of the après ski chic trend, but bright colors are also on trend for Fall/Winter 2022/23. Not only will you look great in them, but at the same time, you will be warm and comfortable. A faux fur coat will go with almost everything in your wardrobe, from a hoodie and trainers on weekends to a long sleeve dress and boots in the evenings. It will even go well with a pair of checked trousers for a perfect autumnal work outfit.

Top Fashion Trends in 2023 – Leather Accessories

The fall 2022 trends were in the form of classic leather jackets, and the winter and spring period welcomes leather accessories. It is enough to opt for a belt or a bag made of leather to be on trend. Speaking of leather, Hailey Bieber appeared at the WSJ Tech Live Conference wearing a stunning pair of knee-high heeled leather boots with a pointed toe which looks like the ones women wore in the 1990s. That old trend seems to come back into fashion in 2023!

Oversized Blazers

A blazer is a timeless classic. If you like a business style or want to spice up your relaxed outfits, the 2023 fashion trend is your top choice! Prefer a business look or need a style boost for casual wear? The 2023 fashion trend has got you covered! Oversize jackets can also be worn as dresses, and you can accentuate the waist with a leather belt.

Blond girl wearing white blazer - Fashion Trends in 2023

Top Fashion Trends in 2023 – Big, Baggy Jeans

Ever since the corona period and working from home, the whole outfit gravitates towards dressing for comfort. Big, baggy denim is a favorite trend among celebrities, styled in chic ways, which doesn’t come as a surprise. You can pair it with a classic top, blazer, or high heels – baggy jeans give any outfit a cool, effortless feel. Cozy & cool – we love it!

Platform Shoes

Platforms will make anyone feel on top of the world. The platform trend includes not just heels, but just about every type of footwear out there. They are so versatile and easy to wear, with styles ranging from sneakers and boots to sandals and heels. There’s a platform for every occasion and fashion sensibility. Just choose the one for you and the outfit combinations are