Top leather gifts for her or him

The holiday season is approaching and it is time for gift shopping. This is a perfect time to be innovative and surprise your loved one with a special and unique present. We know that you are looking for something that will commemorate your love with class and style. Knowing so, we are going to help you with some options so you could rise to the occasion and choose top leather gifts for her or him.

Leather products have always been a thing of class and style. And still is. Designed leather accessories are a perfect materialization of the I love you.

Top leather gifts – Couple’s bracelets

BraceBelts BrownBraceBelts Brown

Love comes in many symbols. They should be strong and lasting just like your feelings. That is why we recommend matching leather bracelets. You can wear them every day, on any occasion. It will spice up your style and constantly remind you of how blessed you are to have your significant other. This gift is a symbol of your union and is all about mutual remembrance. You can choose different colors in our BraceBelt pallet.  

Leather belt

UniUkiyo belt fasion - Top leather gifts
UniUkiyo belt fasion

If you want to surprise your loved one, make sure to give her or him something original, practical and beautiful. A belt designed by a famous international designer is always a good option. Who doesn’t love getting awesome accessories? Your significant other will just love IsaBelt made by UniUkiyo. This belt can be worn in different ways, every day on any occasion. It has 2 sides and 4 options for wearing it. Take a look at our belts and choose the perfect color combinations for her. 

Top leather gifts – Exclusive leather bag

uniukiyo man bag - Top leather gifts
Uniukiyo man bag

If you want to say “I love your uniqueness, the fact that you are bold and one of a kind”, UniUkiyo exclusive bags are just the thing. Made of top-quality leather, with a unique design, it is the exquisite and perfect gift for your loved one. By choosing the superb design of a bag you can literary wear, your gift becomes a statement of your feelings. Aesthetically supreme, UniUkiyo bags are made for fierce women and men who proudly walk through life. 

You can choose one or more of our bags. They are all handmade with love and care. Every part is made of premium quality leather and hand sown by our craftsman.

UniUkiyo Classic bag is a perfect holiday gift for her or him. This is a unisex bag so you can have a matching pair. Be recognized wherever you go. Treat your loved one with the elegance and class that she or he deserves. A long-lasting premium leather bag is just the right way of showing your appreciation. 

With each purchase, we are gifting your love with our BraceBelt bracelet. This is a perfect chance to get matching bags and matching bracelets.

UniUkiyo Urban bag is a great holiday gift for women and men who see life as an adventure. If your loved one likes urban jungle then this bag is just the piece of art you’ve been looking for. Handmade by a real craftsman and specially designed by famous European designer Marina Micanovic, this bag is perfect for your partner who needs that extra spacious bag that can carry both work and private things. It will be your partner’s best friend both on formal and informal occasions. 

With each purchase, we are gifting your love with our BraceBelt bracelet. 

MinnieU 3 - Top leather gifts
MinnieU 3

UniUkiyo MinnieU half bag is a great gift for him or her. This bag is smaller in size, and, therefore, suitable for petite body shapes. It is also an excellent choice for those who like smaller bags but yet spacious enough for all demands of modern life. It can be worn in many different ways and it matches all styles – from sporty style, relaxed fit, all the way to elegant and classy. You can pair it with another bag and accentuate your love by showing everyone that you are a perfect match both in love and in style. 

With each purchase, we are gifting your love with our BraceBelt bracelet. This is a perfect chance to get matching bags and matching bracelets and get top leather gifts for her or him.

Customized UniUkiyo leather bag the most unique present for your partner surely is a unique customized premium quality leather bag.