Leather use throughout history

Leather use throughout history – Ever since man began to inhabit the Earth and move to colder regions, he was in a need of finding a way to keep himself warm. In addition, the climate change that occurred during the Paleolithic age led to the major differences between summer and winter, which, consequently, led to changes in the skin of the prehistoric men who began to lose body hair that used to protect them from the weather. They soon had to find a way to protect their bodies.

Wrapping plants around the body did not give long lasting results – on the contrary – this kind of wardrobe would quickly fall apart, so the prehistoric man had to take more drastic measures. Seeing that many wild animals live almost casually in winter, prehistoric man wondered why he could not do the same again.It’s unclear who first utilized leather for clothing and shelter from harsh weather. However, this enduring material undoubtedly aided in protection and warmth. Certainly, leather was a material that was easily accessible to them and naturally tailored, therefore it was the first choice for our ancestors to wear.

Soon, leather became not only a means of protecting the body, but also an aesthetic fashion piece. It didn’t take long, and people started going on shorter or longer trips in order to get leather of the best possible quality. Soon, trade began to develop. Other materials of lower quality slowly started to appear, and leather began to rise towards the pedestal of the status symbol on which it has remained to this day.

Leather use throughout history – Paleolithic period

Ever since the early Paleolithic period, leather has played a major role in everyday life, but also in the economy. Originally, people from this period of history used the skin of animals whose earthly life had ended. The leather exhibited various levels of hardness and flexibility. Depending on these characteristics, it found applications in a wide range of items, from clothing and tableware to tent materials.

Leather use throughout history – Egyptians and Romans

In fact, these nations were the ones that have turned leather clothing into a fashion trend. Wall paintings from this period show that the Egyptians used leather to make many things such as sandals, gloves, buckets, and even military equipment.

The Romans went even further and started making their tunics and the recognizable shoes from leather. They also discovered that hard leather could also be used for military purposes, and began making shields, saddles and other equipment for horses.

Leather use throughout history – The Middle Ages

This period was very prosperous for the leather industry. A way has been found to make suede and nubuck leather. Leather was used to make furniture, especially chairs at the dining table because leather does not absorb the smell of food. In addition, they started making clothing that had a protective role, such as jerkins. Medieval knights could not imagine themselves without this garment, which they wore as protection.

Leather in the modern age

The 20th century is becoming an era in which borders for ideas and possibilities have disappeared. The rapid development of leather processing technology enabled mass production.

In 1928. Irving Shot designed the first leather jacket, not for military purposes, but as a garment. After that, leather has increasingly conquering the market. Anyone who wants a quality piece of clothing, bag or leather wallet could purchase it. Leather bags are becoming synonym for style and elegance and everyone who cares about themselves had to have at least one.

Jackets made of leather marked the second half of the 20th century. During the hippie movement that promoted the freedom of love in the 70’s, leather jackets with fringes dominated. They were a trademark of this period.

Punk is also a movement that is recognizable by a black leather jacket with contrasting silver zippers. Often, they drew a skull on the back.. Rocker leather jackets are a softened version of this garment. They are still one of the most popular jackets today.

People favor leather and leather items for their durability, resistance, and weather protection. Furthermore, people value them for their aesthetic appeal. Leather and leather products are valued not just for their durability, resistance, and weather protection. They’re also appreciated for their aesthetic influence. The strength of these products is evident and imparts a unique and characteristic sensation to the wearer. Every self-aware individual should own an original leather item, distinguished by its design and leather quality. Having a high-quality, original leather bag, belt, and wallet that complement each other is particularly important.

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