The Art of Jackets and Bags

You Are Invited to our very Unique Event

We are thrilled to have you attend our event, where you will have the opportunity to experience the exclusivity and authenticity of UniUkiyo’s latest collection of bags at Soho House during the New York Fashion week.

UniUkiyo is renowned for producing unique, handmade bags that are more than just a trendy fashion accessory. These bags make a bold statement. They are incredibly durable, resembling a vest or jacket, and will last a lifetime. The brand offers bags in multiple sizes to cater to everyone’s needs, with various colors that reflect the brand’s fashion signature.

These bags offer unbeatable functionality, a unique look, and unparalleled durability – making them truly one of a kind.

Event details:

The event is scheduled to happen at the renowned and highly sought-after Soho House, specifically in the Vinyl room.

About Marina:

With designs featured at prestigious events such as New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, International Digital Fashion Week, Belgrade Fashion Week, and Serbian Fashion Week Marina’s creations are sure to impress.


Soho House, New York
29-35 9th Ave, New York 10014

Time and date:

Date: Wednesday, 13th September
Time: 6:00 PM – 9: 00 PM


Since this event is for unique people and by invite only, to attend please register below. Once you register, you will be added to the guest list, and you will receive a confirmation email.

The Art of Jackets and Bags invitation

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