Pocket Leather Bag


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•  Material: premium quality leather
•  width 20cm – 7.8inch
•  length 15cm – 5.9inch
•  Pocket inside leather
•  Inside lining
•  Belt nut – 2 pairs
•  Chain
  • Belt (optional)

    Matching with the bag (one side is Black the other side is Metallic silver, Metallic gold or Patent leather)

  • *Pocket bag shape

    *Pocket bag shape color

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Introducing our versatile Pocket UniUkiyo bag, designed to complement your every style whim with its multitude of wearing options:
Hang on the Belt
Featuring two pairs of belt nuts, this pocket UniUkiyo can effortlessly attach and detach from the bag. Choose between the sleek black or metallic finishes and switch them up as you want.
Attach Bag on Your Belt
The bag comes with two fixed straps at the back, allowing you to slide your belt through for an extra stylish touch.
Elegant Style
Elevate your look by accessorizing with the included chain, which can be easily removed or added for wearing over the shoulder or in a chic criss-cross fashion.
Clutch Style
For a more minimalist approach, remove all elements and transform the bag into a cute clutch that adds a perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.Handcrafted from luxurious leather, each Pocket UniUkiyo bag boasts a unique shape—whether it’s round, triangle, or square—to suit your personal taste. With vibrant color options like metallic silver, metallic gold, and patent leather, the choice is yours to make a bold statement wherever you go.


Our team selects the leather carefully, taking into account factors such as color customization, model, and appropriate leather. Different types of leather are used, such as full-grain leather, nubuck, and napa leather.

Yes, it is. Using the leather lineup, we wanted to complete the quality that this design deserves. When buying this bag, you are investing in the durability that the choice of leather can absolutely withstand.

The most common question is where we buy the leather from in order to deliver the best quality to you from Italy and Turkey.

Yes, this bag features and makes it even more special handmade. Every detail is handmade, first cut and then sewing assembled. We want your personalized bag to have even greater significance through this process.

Many people are curious about the production process.
Firstly, the designer sketches their idea and considers the functionality of the bag. Once all the details are finalized, the exact measurements are taken and the cutting process begins. Every aspect of the design is made by hand, including the selection of leather, cutting, drying, and assembly. All these steps are part of the handmade process.

Rest assured that we stand behind the durability, quality, and resistance of the leather used to make your bag. It is designed to withstand various conditions and remain durable over time. It’s worth noting that these bags actually look even better with wear. Additionally, the leather is of high quality and thickness, making it difficult to tear unless intentionally cut. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any intentional damage done to the bag.

Yes, we provide consultation services to help you select the best bag for your needs. Our assortment includes a variety of bag styles, shapes, and functions. We cater to different heights by offering versions for both taller and shorter individuals. By consulting with our designer, we aim to assist you in making the best choice and finding the perfect bag to suit your style.

During a conversation with Marina, you can expect to discuss the following aspects related to your preferences for custom bags:
Your personal style
Your preferred colors or preference for neutral tones
The occasions when you would need the bag the most
The size of the bag
Your preferred details and combination
Other aspects that are necessary to ensure the creation of a customized bag that meets your requirements.

If you’re wondering how long it takes to make a bag, we typically require 2-3 weeks from the moment of order to delivery. It’s important to keep in mind that each bag is handmade, which means the process is creative and unique to ensure the best quality for you.

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