Custom made UniUkiyo bags – bags that suite your wishes

Through this questionary we would like to find out a bit more about you in order to make a UniUkiyo bag that would be the best fit for your style, needs and body. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

With the help of the answers that you provide, we will turn your bag into an authentic, unique, custom made piece of art. We want you to feel special with your One.of.a.kind designed bag made just for you.

Answers would really mean a lot to us in means of personalizing your bag in the best possible way.

The price for the custom hand-made UniUkiyo bag is $1,089. Imprinted initials are charged additionally.

Now, let’s get started with personalizing your hand made custom bag.

Which model of the UniUkiyo bags would you like to customize?

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