Behind the Brush: Adrienne’s Journey and Masterpieces in Makeup Artistry

Adrienne is a powerhouse in the beauty industry, known for her exceptional talent and dedication. With a career spanning work with top magazines, celebrities, theater and diverse stylists, she excels in editorial and stage makeup. Leading a talented team of makeup artists and working as an aesthetician, Adrienne combines artistry with skincare expertise. She continues to inspire and educate the next generation of beauty professionals. Dive into our interview with Adrienne to discover her incredible journey and insights into the world of makeup.


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For more than twenty years, you have been working as a make-up artist in the city that never sleep – New York. What does your professional path actually look like and how difficult and demanding is the job of a make-up artist, and on the other hand, creative and inspiring?

– I absolutely love my career and what I do for a living. All of my success comes from years of paying my dues, working diligently to develop a solid reputation and networking with other amazing industry professionals. Being a freelancer is a whole different animal; sporadic schedules, different celebrity clientele, photo shoots and bookings all throughout NYC and the amazing creative experiences in production and film. I feed off of the creative energy of my surroundings and the fabulous people I interact with.

What is your opinion about the no make up Instagram trend, promoted by Alicia Keys and Pamela Anderson, among others. Does this look belong on the red carpet? Can you be glamorous without makeup?

– Young ladies tend to want to look mature and pack on the products instead of just highlighting their natural beauty. The biggest mistake is self diagnosing the wrong skin type and then selecting products that do not mesh well on the face. Young ladies lean toward heavier foundation and concealer, overdoing it with blush and highlighter and making the eye dark and heavy, which attends to age your appearance.

Which fashion brands have you had the opportunity to work for so far? Which project do you remember as the most challenging?

– I’ve worked for various fashion brands and houses. Each having their own esthetic and image. Challenging projects tend to run more on the production end in theatrical, theme focused events and performances or runway during fashion week (NYFW). Time constraints, designers. Models , stylists, hair and makeup crew….all creating a “vision” to be displayed and flaunted down the runway. The weeks of preparation for a 10 minute walk and photography opportunity, all to create looks that will alter current and future fashion trends.

How different is makeup for public performances, film sets and fashion shows, and what is the most challenging for you?

– The rolls of makeup artist adjust accordingly to the needs of the client. They each have their own challenges. Film sets are long days of continuity and attention to details, considering the genre and direction of the film. Live performances require makeup that is dramatic and for optimal impact but natural enough to not look caked on. It has to stand the test of time, under lights and different temperatures and environments, but still look as fresh as when the makeup was first done. Fashion is a whole different ball game, it can go from minimalist makeup look to keep focus on the clothing or completely avant-guard makeup that elevates the fashion experience. Either way, fashion, is what ultimately dictates the trends that people follow in society.


adrienne makeup diva

How much does the New York fashion scene inspire you again and again in your work? What is that new thing you are learning?

– I love working NYFW. It’s intense, fast paced and inspires creativity. It’s an organized chaos of sorts. It requires an artist to be quick, meticulous and fluid. Things down always go as planned, as an artist, I need to be ready to improvise and adjust. Working with various designers and their artistic energy can stimulate creative thinking and execution.

What do you think is the ideal make up and what does it depend on?

– The most ideal makeup, focuses on your natural beauty and complements your features. Everyone is beautiful , makeup is just a colorful expressive outlet. Changing looks can depend on occasion, mood or just for fun. The condition of your skin will make a huge difference as well. Select products that love the skin, add color and dimension to your face, and have staying power.

Where is the line between highlighting the beauty of the face and transforming it through makeup and how do we know not to overdo it?

– There’s a difference between getting makeup versus getting a makeup over. Makeup is complementary to accentuate one’s natural beauty and features. Whereas, a make over is meant to give a complete super glam experience. I believe it all depends on why you’re getting makeup done or why the artist is applying the makeup, that determines which direction to take.


adrienne makeup diva

Who would you like to collaborate with if you haven’t had the opportunity until now?

– I idolize the icons like Pat McGrath and Danny Saenz because they are true artists that like to push the envelope and they create products with professionals in mind . Their methods and artistic choices create trends and inspire others to embrace their inner artist.

Do you think there is a person from public life who is so naturally beautiful that she doesn’t need makeup?

– I believe everyone is beautiful in their own skin as long as they are confident and positively embrace their assets.

Where do you find inspiration for creating makeup looks for your clients?

– A lot of times I get inspiration from past movies, shows, experiences and the energy of the project. Individual clients emit an energy that is infectious, add in their wardrobe, the theme of the event and how they want to feel, will enable me to create the right makeup harmony.

Is it easier for you to make up yourself or others?

– I definitely prefer to makeup others, I appreciate the contours of the face, the textures of the skin, the way makeup glides on the skin. There is something about being able to partake and witness the creation as it happens and share the joy of successfully executing a look with others. Totally different than playing on my own face.


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What is it that distinguishes a good makeup artist?

– Someone who is has an excellent work ethic, who is passionate, diligent and confident. Continuing to push themselves professionally, always learning and trying something new, knowing when and how to improvise. Strong organizational and communication skills, constantly networking and developing strong relationships with other professionals and clients as well.

What is your trick for achieving the perfect no makeup makeup look?

– Skin prep is key. Selection of the right products for staying power, high-def for photography and using quality brands that last. Gorgeous fresh skin, pop of color on the cheek, mascara and gloss. Using primers, setting powder or sprays will also help maintain integrity of the look.